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Our ambition is to help you, to support our industry and together change minds and perceptions to bring about a brighter future for everyone

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What can we do for you?

It's good to understand how to create a healthy mind and a healthier business, it's better to get involved. That's why we have developed a number of different ways for you to do just that.

Find a Mentor or Become a Mentor

Whether being a mentor or being mentored, the benefits are outstanding to both. Whether a one off session or a longer term approach, we will make the match and let you focus on the mentoring.

Get Inspired With Winning Ways Videos

Want to learn from the best? Join our regular video sessions where leading experts share their knowledge and expertise.

Find Help and Support

Need to get help or support with something specific but don’t know where to turn? See all the contact details in one place.

What Agents are Saying About Mentorships

I questioned the motivation for this programme and I didn't quite fully believe the answer I got back, I actually even contemplated cancelling the call yesterday as I wasn't convinced of the value I would get from this…My mental cogs were given a high octane injection which has refreshed my vision and was also very timely after having had a tough day…I'm excitedly looking forward to our next session.

Business Owner

The energy, passion and drive behind this initiative is like a breath of fresh air for the industry.

Chief Operating Officer

Had my first appointment via Agents Together today and took some great bits from it and was good to just have different view points. Was easily organised and brilliant to have that opportunity for free! I cant see why an agent regardless of size is not taking the opportunity to have one of these people give some guidance.

Self Employed Agent
(Speedy Mentee)

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Our Trustees and Founder Members

We have brought together a broad spectrum of well known industry and business professionals who have significant experience across a number of key disciplines, inside and outside of the industry that will help drive our collective objectives. We hope that everyone in the industry will join us on this journey.

Working Together

The work of charities and industry figures across estate agency in the UK has set a solid foundation upon which we can build together during this period of unique opportunity.

Agents Together has established a close connection with the work of Agents Giving. And although our specific purposes are different, we share a passion for positive industry change.

In bringing the industry together, we’re looking at how we can establish closer collaboration and use our shared strength for the greater good.

“Dreams are called dreams because most people sleep through the opportunities required to make them happen”