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We encourage everyone to consider joining our mentoring initiative. Whether you’re looking for advice and support or keen to share your experience and expertise, mentoring can be a mutually beneficial experience for both parties.

Had my first appointment via Agents Together today and took some great bits from it and was good to just have different view points. Was easily organised and brilliant to have that opportunity for free! I cant see why an agent regardless of size is not taking the opportunity to have one of these people give some guidance.

Self Employed Agent
Will Whitehorn

Will Whitehorn

"A powerhouse of strategic thinking"

My story

Why is mentoring so important?

When we have been blessed with lots of different experiences and opportunities in life it seems to me that we have a duty to share them with people who are heading down those same roads, hoping to steer their way around the obstacles that will inevitably come their way. Being a mentor is a duty as well as a privilege.

Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with many aspiring and inspiring people who have have understood first hand, and embraced wholeheartedly, the power of learning from others, being coached and mentored by likeminded people who themselves want to help others fulfil their ambitions.

In a world that moves faster and faster and fights harder than ever for our time and input, having someone who can slow things down, put things in context and provide some valuable insight to help you make those all important decisions is priceless.

How does it work?

How does it work?

It’s important to us that every mentor and mentee gets as much as possible out of their mentorship.

  • We match mentors and mentees based on your respective skills, experience and areas of interest.
  • We’ll offer guidance and advice on how to conduct your mentoring sessions, for example frequency of meetings and format.

I questioned the motivation for this programme and I didn't quite fully believe the answer I got back, I actually even contemplated cancelling the call yesterday as I wasn't convinced of the value I would get from this…My mental cogs were given a high octane injection which has refreshed my vision and was also very timely after having had a tough day…I'm excitedly looking forward to our next session.

Business Owner
Access a mentor

Access a mentor

Looking for support and advice from experienced members of the industry? Look no further. Agents Together can match you with a mentor.

  • Be mentored by experienced professionals
  • Receive ideas, guidance and support
  • Build confidence and communication skills

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Become a mentor

Become a mentor

Looking to share the experiences and expertise you’ve gained on your interesting and inspiring journey through life? Fantastic! Become an Agents Together mentor.

  • Share your experience and wisdom
  • Contribute ideas, guidance and support
  • Help aspiring leaders and businesspeople

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