Are you struggling to get a good nights sleep? 😴

Sleep can be a challenge at the best of times...never mind when we are in the middle of a global pandemic!

We have done some research, asked the experts AND added a dose of realism to our top tips here;

Buy An Alarm Clock

We all know that blue light is bad before bed. We all know how hard it is to not have our phones or ipads by our beds! Discipline is required here in a big way, but if you buy an alarm clock and leave your phone in a separate room - you will remove the temptation!

Avoid Caffeine In The PM

Most of us rely on caffeine to kickstart and get us through the day! But the reality is; its a stimulant that lasts - so rather than cutting it out completely which we know is a HUGE ask - just try to not consume any after 12 noon!

Make Plans The Night Before

A well constructed plan created at the end of a day ready for the following day will help to clear your mind and stop those 4 am musings of what you need to do. It's basically a brain dump and will help you to relax in the evening.

Sunlight & Exercise Really Are The Best Medicine

Busy lives and British weather can sometimes make these two things feel impossible - start small - one 30 minute brisk walk a day come rain or shine will help your brains chemical balance.

Find A Good Fiction Book

Many of us love a good business book as we strive for self improvement. This is great and we highly recommend it - but we also suggest an easy read fiction book for those times when you just can't nod off or get back to sleep! The business books will cause stimulation that might not be helpful in the middle of the night!