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The place where you’ll find all Agents Together resources and tools to support your personal and professional growth and wellbeing.

Here, you’ll find contact details for charities and organisations as well as links to our mentoring programmes, Winning Ways sessions, Monday Motivation videos, and The FORUM where you can join the discussion on the latest industry issues.

“What will the new normal look like for estate agency after coronavirus?”

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Find details of charities and organisations to support you and your wellbeing.

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Want to learn from the best? Join our regular video sessions where leading experts share their knowledge and expertise.


As we emerge into the new normal, and recover from the pandemic. The Agents Together Blog will provide you with insight, advice, ideas and opinion from leading experts on key industry issues.

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Agents Together Mentorships

Eager to learn or pass on your hard-earned experience? Apply for an Agents Together mentorship and see how much you could benefit.

Mental Health In The Workplace

The results of our landmark survey and plan to improve workplace mental health in estate agency.

Agents Giving

Find out how we are supporting the great work Agents Giving does.

Winning Ways Videos

Looking for advice or inspiration from people who know their stuff? Check out our Winning Ways videos.

Coping With The Psychological Impact Of Covid

Coping With The Psychological Impact Of Covid

Maximise your work productivity and job fulfilment

Maximise your work productivity and job fulfilment

Agents Together Mentor Webinar

Agents Together Mentor Webinar

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