Mental Health In The Workplace

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The 2021 Survey

The 2021 Survey

As 2020 draws to a close many are reflecting on a year of uncertainty confusion and challenges the likes of which have not been seen in our lifetime. 62% of respondents to the survey suggested COVID-19 had affected their mental health in some way.

The survey was commissioned to investigate and better understand the complex nature of mental health in the workplace, specifically in estate agency. We believe this to be the first study of its kind in the sector, and the results will help to develop the initiatives of the Agents Together foundation and will be both insightful and at times surprising to business owners and decision-makers throughout the industry.

The report indicates unequivocally that there is work to be done and we welcome everyone within the industry to sign up to support Agents Together and join us to promote healthy minds and healthy businesses across our industry. Together we can appraise employers approaches and work closely to develop best practice. Not only responding to mental health issues but to pro actively reduce stigma and improve ways in which wellbeing and performance can work hand in hand.

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Key Findings

Key Findings

Many of us look forward with hope and optimism to 2021, yet we cannot ignore the gravity of these findings. With 64% of people suggesting they have had a mental illness and an overwhelming 89% of employees looking for mental health awareness to be integrated into the workplace culture, yet only 16% of people having had any training or guidance; it is clear the time has come to take action.

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"I am asking agents; business owners and individuals to commit to supporting a cultural shift in mental health awareness and education across the industry."

Sarah Edmundson - CEO Agents Together